Towing Product Options:

At MC Customs Truck Accessories, we understand the importance of having reliable and high-quality towing equipment. Whether you’re hauling trailers, boats or other heavy loads, having the right towing setup can make your life much easier. 

The best towing products will depend on your specific towing needs. Let MC Customs help you make an informed decision to choose products that are compatible with your vehicle and trailer setup to ensure a safe and smooth towing experience.

MC Customs can handle the whole setup. We specialize in different types of towing hitches, towing wiring and connectors, brake controllers, weight distribution systems, towing mirrors and other towing accessories. 

Types of Towing Hitches:

Ball Mount Hitches

Fixed Ball Mount: A standard ball mount with a fixed towing ball. It provides a simple and cost-effective towing solution for light to moderate loads.

Adjustable Ball Mount: This type of ball mount allows you to adjust the height of the towing ball, making it versatile for towing trailers of different heights.

Gooseneck Hitches

Above-Bed Gooseneck Hitch: Mounted above the truck’s bed, this hitch type allows for easy installation and removal of the gooseneck ball when not in use, ideal for hauling gooseneck trailers.

Under-Bed Gooseneck Hitch: Provides a completely flat truck bed when the ball is not in use, as it is installed under the truck bed and flips over when needed.

Fifth Wheel Hitches

Fixed Fifth Wheel Hitch: Offers a stable towing connection and is permanently mounted to the truck bed. It’s suitable for regular towing needs with a specific trailer.

Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch: Provides additional maneuverability by allowing the hitch head to slide back and forth, essential for short bed trucks and tight turns.

Pintle Hitches

Receiver-Mounted Pintle Hitch: Attaches to a standard receiver hitch and offers a more robust and secure connection for heavy-duty towing needs, commonly used for construction and agricultural trailers.

Bolt-On Pintle Hitch: Directly bolts onto the vehicle’s frame or bumper, providing a semi-permanent towing solution for industrial applications.

Combo Hitches

Gooseneck/Receiver Hitch Combo: Combines a gooseneck hitch and a receiver hitch, providing flexibility for various towing needs without the need for multiple hitches.

Fifth Wheel/Gooseneck Hitch Combo: Allows switching between fifth wheel and gooseneck towing, catering to users who have both types of trailers.

Fifth Wheel Hitches
Camper Hitch
Fifth wheel trailer hitch
BW Trailer Hitch

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