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Bed liner applicator


Rooted in a heritage of ingenuity that spans more than 30 years, Bullet Liner was founded by the team that started the entire spray on truck bed liner industry. Today, we infuse 4th generation innovation and extensive technological research to create the most advanced protective spray for truck beds and other uses available anywhere.



PROTECTION FROM DAMAGE:  A bedliner acts as a shield, protecting the bed of your truck from scratches, dents, and other potential damage caused by hauling heavy loads or rough cargo. It prevents the metal surface from coming into direct contact with items, reducing the risk of corrosion, rust, and wear.

ENHANCED DURABILITY: A good bedliner significantly increases the longevity of your truck bed. It forms a robust protective layer that can withstand impacts, abrasions, and chemicals, ensuring your truck’s bed remains intact and looking new for years to come.

EASY MAINTENANCE:  Bedliners are easy to clean and maintain. Whether it’s dirt, mud, or spills, a bedliner can be quickly rinsed or wiped clean, ensuring your truck bed remains in great condition with minimal effort.

IMPROVED CARGO STABILITY: The textured surface of a bedliner helps to grip the cargo and prevents it from sliding or shifting during transportation. This feature is particularly useful when carrying items like tools, equipment, groceries, or recreational gear, as it minimizes the risk of damage or accidents caused by unsecured loads.

RESALE VALUE:  Investing in a quality bedliner can help preserve the resale value of your truck. A well-maintained bedliner protects against wear and tear, making your truck more appealing to potential buyers and commanding a higher price when it’s time to sell or trade-in.

CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: Bedliners come in various colors, textures, and styles, allowing you to personalize your truck according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a sleek and smooth finish or a rugged and textured look, there’s a bedliner option that suits your style.


A vehicle is a large investment, and what better way to protect that investment than a thick coating of Bullet Liner. A rock guard liner acts as a durable shield, safeguarding your vehicle’s exterior from rock chips, road debris, and other potential damage encountered during daily driving or off-road adventures. Designed to absorb impacts and prevent corrosion, our rock guard liners ensure your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance and value for years to come.

At MC Customs we have a range of texture and color options for rocker guard applications. You can customize the look of your vehicle while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with rocker guard protection. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches, dings, and costly repairs caused by rocks and debris. Invest in our rock guard liners and experience the ultimate defense for your vehicle, making it ready to tackle any road or trail with confidence.


PROTECTION FROM ROCKS & DEBRRIS: Rock guard liners provide a rugged and durable barrier that shields your vehicle’s exterior, including the front bumper, hood, fenders, and side panels, from rock chips, road debris, and other potential damage caused by daily driving or off-road adventures. This protection helps preserve the paint and prevents unsightly scratches and dents.

CORROSION PREVENTION: By safeguarding your vehicle’s paintwork, rock guard liners play a crucial role in preventing corrosion. Rocks and debris can expose the underlying metal surface, making it vulnerable to rust and oxidation. The rock guard liner acts as a barrier, shielding the paint and protecting against moisture, salt, and other corrosive elements.

LONG-TERM COST SAVINGS:  Investing in a rock guard liner can potentially save you money in the long run. The cost of repairing rock chips, repainting damaged areas, and addressing corrosion issues can be significant. By proactively applying a rock guard liner, you minimize the need for these repairs, ensuring your vehicle retains its value and appearance for an extended period.

ENHANCED VEHICLE LOOK: Rock guard liners come in various textures and colors, allowing you to customize the appearance of your vehicle. Whether you prefer a matte or glossy finish, or a subtle or bold style, our custom truck shop can help you find the perfect rock guard liner that complements your vehicle’s look.


Bullet liner, being the most versatile liner on the market, is available in an infinite amount of colors. Though black is the most popular color, it isn’t always the best color for the job. Color matched  liner is a great way to provide maximum protection, while blending in with the original color of the vehicle.

At MC Customs Truck Accessories, we can do anything from mild to wild, whether you want the liner to blend in, or make the vehicle stand out in the crowd.

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