MC Customs offers a wide range of marine-grade audio systems from top brands, designed specifically to withstand the harsh marine environment. Our audio systems deliver exceptional sound quality, ensuring a clear and immersive audio experience while boating.

At MC Customs Truck Accessories, we have the ability to design and install custom marine audio setups to meet individual customer needs and preferences. 

A high-quality boat audio upgrade can transform your boating experience. Create a more enjoyable atmosphere for you, your family, and friends. Reach out today to make your dream setup a reality!


Reliable and effective marine lighting is important for many reasons, including safety,  and can enhance you and your families boating experience.

MC Customs Truck Accessories offers an extensive range of marine lighting options, including underwater lights, deck lights, navigation lights, spotlights, and interior lighting solutions. We use energy-efficient and durable LED lighting technology, which provides bright illumination while conserving battery power.


Expertise & Experience: The team at MC Customs possesses extensive knowledge and experience in working with various suspension systems. We are well-versed in the intricacies of different truck, SUV and jeep models, allowing them to install suspension upgrades while minimizing any potential issues or complications.

Precision & Safety: Suspension upgrades involve intricate adjustments, component replacements, and fine-tuning to achieve optimal performance. At MC Customs Truck Accessories, we are equipped with the necessary tools, techniques, and expertise to ensure precise installation, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the upgraded suspension system.

Warranty Protection: Many suspension upgrade manufacturers provide warranties on their products, which often require professional installation for the warranty to remain valid. By having MC Customs handle the installation, we ensure that your investment in both the product and the warranty is protected.

Customization & Personalization: Every vehicle is unique, and customization requirements can vary. At MC Customs, we take the time to understand our customers’ specific needs, providing personalized recommendations and solutions. We can also make necessary adjustments during the installation process to accommodate any additional modifications or accessories the customer may have.

Customer Support & Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and believe in building long-lasting relationships. At MC Customs Truck Accessories, we are not only skilled technicians but also friendly and approachable people who are happy to answer any questions or concerns our customers may have. We try to make our expertise and support during the installation process create a positive experience, ensuring our customers feel confident and satisfied with their suspension upgrade.