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About UsMC Custom Innovations

Veteran Owned & Operated Business Driven by Passion

We started MC Custom innovations, a veteran owned and operated business, like most small businesses, a side hobby and passion that exploded.

From an early age we tinkered, built, and customized just about anything we could get our hands on. It wasn’t until we got our licenses that we found our love for modifying vehicles, more specifically pickup trucks. It was then that we found our true strengths and passion in suspension modification and repairs, 12 volt lighting, and aftermarket audio and visual upgrades, as well as custom fabrication.

We began our journey in Avery Micek’s garage in the summer of 2014 with the help of his childhood best friend Connor Comstock. In 2016 we made the leap into a commercial facility and began acquiring state of the art equipment and tools to further our capabilities and services offered. Through the next couple of years we worked to expanded and grew in more than just shop space, but in knowledge, equipment, and capabilities.

In the fall of 2018 we decided to expand further into vehicle customization and accessories, and we became the only certified Bullet bed liner applicator in the capital city.

We strive to stay at the peak of the industry and to ensure that every customer feels like family! We continue to push the limits of ourselves as well as the limits of the automotive customization industry. There is no greater feeling than for us to make your wildest dreams a reality and to accomplish things never done before!


Trained & Specialized

We specialize in only the addition of components mainly in the truck accessory and 12 volt market.


We do not focus on repairs like other places. We provide a far superior service than any of our local competitors with a major focus on creating customer relationships, not just a sale or invoice number.